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Christopher Walters, DC , CCSP

Alexander Sundin, DC





We currently have five massage therapist at the clinic which allows the office to provide massage therapy 6 days per week.

Each therapist is unique and great at what they do.  Their treatment is a definite asset to the Chiropractic care by reducing splinting muscle spasms secondary to tension all the way to a traumatic injury; rebalancing muscles which are pulling assymmetrically again, whether from an injury to simple postural issues; breaking up scar tissue from old prior injuries to the prevention of scar tissue developing from a new injury which occured.

Even though the main focus of massage therapy at our clinic is therapeutic in nature we see many patients simply for relaxation massages as well.   The therapists will take a thorough history and discuss with you which type of massage and depth would be best for you - whether it be deep tissue focus on a specific region or a generalized full body relaxation massage.

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